Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yellowstone 4 LED Wind-up Lantern


I have a total of 6 lamps/torches available for use aboard ‘Ladybird’; therefore if one fails there are alternatives. The most recent addition is a Yellowstone 4 LED Wind-up Lantern. I saw it at Camping General when I bought my inflatable kayak. It will be ideal for lighting the interior of the boat. I could also deploy it as an anchor light. Compact and lightweight, measuring 200 millimetres x 65 millimetres, the output with 4 LED lights should be sufficient to be seen a mile or so away, especially as it has an inverted conical reflector multiplying the source by 100%, i.e., the equivalent of 8 LEDs.

I’m a little dubious that a fully charged battery will keep the lantern working for 8 hours, which could be required when used as an anchor light during the summer months. The makers claim that one minute rotating the handle will provide sufficient charge for 30 minutes. At that rate I would have to wind the handle for 16 minutes!

The 360 degrees lantern is supposed to be water resistant.


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Unknown said...

...Or you could try out those outdoor Solar powered garden lights! :) It fitted exactly on my masthead, recharges at daylight, and they are weather-proof - the plastic ones:
You also could colour the outer glass {red and green} to have a Tri-coloured solar powered masthead light! I found it to be a good alternative... till now