Monday, April 01, 2013

Photos of Boats I have owned – Part 1

I do not have photos of every boat I have owned. The earliest was ‘Tyrol’. She was an eleven foot Shortened Scout Kayak built using plans supplied the Boys Scouts in 1947.

Between 1958 and 1960 I owned and raced a Struer ‘Limfjorden’ Kayak when a member of the Exeter Canoe Club.

The Struer

I built and owned two other canoes before buying ‘Phillida’ which was a Torbay Class 11 Racer. I day-sailed her from Exmouth and sailed her to Alderney in the Channel Islands.


Later I bought ‘Wanderer’, a Hillyard 2 ½ ton yacht that I kept at Starcross, and with her I explored the South Devon and Cornish coasts.

'Shyauk’ was a Wessex One Design that my brother and I raced in the 1974 Round Britain and Ireland Race. Bad weather and misfortune saw us retiring on the second leg between Crosshaven and Castlebay.

The only multihull I have owned was ‘Twinstar’, a Wharram Hina catamaran. I sailed her to Boulogne, cruised the Thames Estuary and participated in races organised by the Up River Yacht Club.

There are more photos to come in Part 2.





‘Shyauk’ – Round Britain and Ireland Race

Small Fry Part 1 - ‘Shyauk’ – Round Britain and Ireland Race Account


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