Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Photos of Boats I have owned – Part 3


I can’t remember when I bought ‘Lisa’, a Shipmate Senior Mk 1 trailer sailer, but for sure, I kept her for two years. I trailed her to Plymouth in the first year and to Falmouth in the second. She gave me a lot of fun and she was very cheap to run. She was too large to fit in the garage; therefore during the winter I kept her at friend’s place under cover.

Having owned two junk sloops I was up for another, and I bought a Kingfisher 26 named ‘Trio’.  I did several cruises with her, including a trip to Falmouth. I seldom keep a boat for more than two years, and after selling ‘Trio’ I sailed her to Peterhead with her new owner.

My next yacht was a Pioneer 9 named ‘Aziz’.  She had belonged to Nicolette Milnes-Walker who sailed her across the Atlantic non-stop, and in so doing became the first woman to do it without putting into port. She wrote a book telling of her ordeal, for it took her 45 days and much hard work owing to trying weather causing her to make many sail changes. In those days, back in 1971 there were no efficient, reliable furling headsails as we have them today.

Ann Davison sailed across the Atlantic alone in 1953, but en route she put into Brittany, Portugal and the Canary Islands. She too, had a very long voyage.


 ‘Lisa’, a Shipmate Senior

‘Trio’, Kingfisher 26, Junk Rig - 1994

‘Aziz’ – 1995 - 1997

Cruise of the ‘Aziz’ a Pioneer 9 Part 1 - 1997

‘Felicity Ann’ Restoration Project

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