Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pottering - Part 5

Today has been one of the best. The sail from Queenborough around the Isle of Sheppey to the north, gave me the advantage of the last half of the ebb and a fair northerly force three to take me into the River Swale.

There at a mooring off Harty Ferry I waited until two hours before high water to enter Faversham Creek.

Instead of going right up to Faversham I turned to starboard into Oar Creek. There were a couple of Thames barges berthed to port near the Shipwrights Arms. I chose to lie alongside a sleek yacht berthed in the mud.

Then I made a quick getaway for Faversham town to obtain petrol and food. Fortune was on my side, because I flagged down a car and got a lift.

At TESCO I found everything on my shopping list except AA batteries. A taxi brought me back to the boat, but she had been moved next to an old trawler.

Meal time had me frying chips, bacon and an egg.

Suitably fed I set to a stint of personal hygiene and change of
my underwear.

My intention was to visit the pub and do my blog there, but there was no way of getting ashore because at low water I couldn't climb the jetty without a ladder.

Altogether the day has been exceptional.

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