Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preparing ‘Sandpiper’ for an Adventure

I feel sure it has been the warmest day of the year so far. The afternoon sun inspired me to clean the exterior of ‘Sandpiper’. I put her on the driveway and gave her a good scrub. She’s ready for a coat of antifouling. Normally I would not bother antifouling a trailer sailer that is afloat for short periods, because marine growth cannot get a hold on her in a matter of days, but my intention is to keep her in the water for as long as my forthcoming cruise may take - that could be up to two months or more!

I know my plans are ambitious, but unless I give myself a challenge, perhaps very little will be achieved.

Over the next few days I must stow gear and provisions and check everything. Because my calendar is unexpectedly full until late April, I doubt I shall be able to start the cruise until then, but I may be able to launch ‘Sandpiper’ and have her ready somewhere on the River Crouch, probably Burnham Yacht Harbour. This will be very convenient, because getting aboard with last minute items will be a simple matter, and if she is waiting at a pontoon I shall be able to depart when tide and wind allow.

This time I am hoping I shall be able to visit a few places I haven’t been to before. Going through the Havengore from the River Roach would be good to try before crossing the Thames to the Medway. From Queensborough maybe I could take the passage south of the Isle of Sheppey to the eastern River Swale. A visit to Faversham would be good, and from there to Whitstable. Whether I’ll do any of these things remains to be seen. Wind, tide and weather will determine what happens.

I would consider an exploratory detour up the Thames to London before heading for Dover. It would add several days to my cruise, but if I find I’m not up it physically or mentally, or there are shortfalls with the boat, I would not be far from home.

An adventure is an undertaking, the end of which cannot be guaranteed. This is what excites and stimulates those who enjoy adventuring. You don’t need to go to the South Pole or remote regions of the earth to have adventures, nor do you have to spend fortunes to experience them. For an adventure to have zest there should be a personal challenge by way of difficulty, and for some, there must be an element of risk to life or limb.

I am looking forward to my adventure.


Paul Mullings said...

He who dares wins! I wish you luck Bill and look forward to your blogs

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

" You don’t need to go to the South Pole or remote regions of the earth to have adventures" .. hear, hear...!

Unknown said...

Ahoy there Bill!

I have recently discovered your very interesting blog, partly because I love small sailing boats... and mostly because I was stumbling across the exact same issues you had with your 'Sandpiper' when you first bought it! And it's nice to see how you got around some of these problems!
I also love the images you took of my small tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean!! Lovely images indeed! :)

I also would like someone with enough expertise to help me Identify this boat that I recently purchased:
I do not know make or model! It's a little similar to your West Wight Potter, buts its about 14.5 feet,
Twin Keeled, built in the UK around 1976... and that's all I know! I really wish to find its make at some point!

Finally, I wish you all the best on your new Adventure! there can only be good times ahead!! :)

William Serjeant said...


She's a Voyager 14 - see this link:


William Serjeant said...


That sounds like a commando exercise!

I prefer 'providence' to 'luck'.

Thank you, all the same.


William Serjeant said...


Every day is an adventure to me!

I never know how it will end.


Unknown said...



Any opinions on these type of pocket sail boats??

William Serjeant said...


You may have found these links: