Friday, April 05, 2013

Photos of Boats I have owned – Part 5


Once again I was tempted with a bigger boat; this time by a junk-rigged Newbridge Virgo Voyager. She was quite the most luxurious yacht I have owned. Everything was of good quality and she had excellent standing headroom throughout. Her name of ‘Bumper’ caused some amusement to others, for whatever reason I never did fathom. She was a comfortable, forgiving yacht that could tolerate any amount of mishandling; for example if a gybe was not controlled, or she gybed involuntarily,  nothing woe betide would happen; the boom being very light, simply lifted a little and swung across to the opposite side of the boat. She seldom heeled more than a few degrees when on the wind, but at times, particularly if the water was choppy or the waves short, progress was slow. On the reach and the run she was pretty fast. Her triple keel configuration was excellent for taking the ground.

After two years of ownership I sold ‘Bumper’ and set about building a Paradox micro-sailboat designed by Matt Layden. On reflection ‘Faith’ was perhaps the best boat I ever owned; maybe a trifle small, but so well thought-out for ease of working. Being able to control and steer the boat from inside a snug watertight cabin was a huge bonus. The only time I wore waterproofs was when going ashore if it happened to be raining. I could always be warm and dry whatever the weather. If it was really cold, I simply put on more layers of clothing. Sometimes the ventilation system was overpowering, but a towel stuffed into the incoming vent was enough to keep it under control. Of all the boats I have owned, ‘Faith’ was the only one I regretted parting with.

Without 'Faith' I was lost, and to get back on the water I bought an Acadia decked canoe to which I added a small sail, a leeboard and a rudder. Appropriately, I named her ‘Acadia’. She was highly portable and good fun, but I never really felt completely relaxed sailing her because I feared I might let her capsize. I knew I would have difficulty getting back into her, and because I have Raynaud’s phenomenon that causes lack of circulation when I’m exposed to the cold, I thought it was prudent to part with her.


‘Bumper’ - 2005

‘Faith’ – Appraisal of 'Faith' my Paradox Sailboat - 2007

‘Acadia’ – Acadia Paddling Kayak, Adapted for Sailing - 2009

‘Acadia’ - 2009

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