Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Photos of Boats I have owned – Part 2

After ‘Twinstar’ I bought a Hunter Europa 19 and fitted her out. I had many adventures cruising and racing her, including a cruise to Holland. I named her ‘Zeta’. I also re-rigged her as junk sloop and sailed her to Weymouth.

After selling ‘Zeta’ to the yachting journalist Colin Jarman, I bought a Fairey Fulmar designed by Uffa Fox. She was based on his Atalanta 26, but did not have an aft cabin, and she had one drop keel instead of two. Her name was ‘Petronella’. Unfortunately I do not have any photographs of her.

In 1981 I acquired ‘Apple Charlotte’, a Pandora Mk 1, designed by E.G. Van de Stadt. My brother and I sailed her to Holland.

My thoughts turned to ocean cruising, and to that end I purchased a Folksong hull and deck. I fitted her out as a junk sloop and named her ‘Zeta’. She was fully commissioned for cruising in 1984. From thereon I referred to her as big ‘Zeta’.

Four years later I bought ‘Lady Ashquelon’. She was a Van de Stadt Buccaneer, and I sailed her to the Scilly Islands. She did not have an engine.


Small ‘Zeta’ – Hunter Europa 19 - 1977

 ‘Apple Charlotte’, part 1 - 1981

‘Zeta’ – Folksong - 1984

‘Lady Ashquelon’ - 1988


Unknown said...

Hi Bill,

Love your Blog and the variety of your past mistresses is something to behold - as has been the breadth of your travels. I've just agreed to buy a Type D Potter from John B in Poole. It's going to need a deal of TLC but looks to be basically sound (I hope!). My aim is to initially do the bare minimum to put her safely in the water and then begin to make her beautiful again as time / money allow.

It would be great if I could pick your brains as I progress as I suspect you'll have done most of the jobs that I have to do.



William Serjeant said...

Thank you Ian. There are more photos to come of boats I have owned.

Will you be keeping your Potter at Poole?

If nature smiles at me I may make it as far as Poole - who knows? If you are around perhaps we could meet?

It will be a challenging 'voyage' because of the open stretch between Dover and Sovereign Yacht Harbour. Dungeness, Beachy Head and Selsey Bill can all be like Cape Horn to a small boat such as a Potter. I am not keen on putting into Rye - never been there, but the firing range at Dungeness is a discentive.

Brighton to the Solent is a long passage too.

All the best for your project.

Unknown said...

Hi Bill,

No I'm bringing her home appropriately near Potters Bar and probably not a million miles from you.

Pevensey Bay seems very challenging to such a small boat in spite of its great reputation but I'm sure with your experience and a judicious choice of weather it'll be fine. I look forward to reading about it.

Fair winds,