Thursday, January 17, 2013

Titmouse Day Sailer by Sam Rabl

Here are a number of photos of ‘Puddleduck’ built in 1961.  She’s a 15’ x 6’ 6” day sailer designed by Sam Rabl. If her bowsprit is included, her length overall is 17’ 6”. Her carvel hull has been strip-planked and splined. For a boat over 50 years old she would appear to be in good nick. An attractive and useful feature is her furling headsail. Her auxiliary power is a 3 HP Seagull outboard. Her mainsail is gaff rigged and she has a topsail. Her lifting centreplate and kick-up rudder make her ideal for shallow water sailing.
Homebuilt Titmouse by Sam Rabl
Photos of a Sam Rabl Titmouse
Images of a Titmouse and Others
‘Meadowbird’  - 16’ version
‘Precious’, a Sam Rabl designed Picaroon
'Precious', a Sam Rabl Picaroon for sale in San Diego

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Unknown said...

HI. Nice titmouse sailboat. I'm thinking of buying one locally this weekend and I was curious as to what you thought of it's sailing characteristics?