Friday, January 04, 2013

My Sweater

My mother was a very good knitter. I can remember her knitting cardigans, sweaters, gloves and all types of baby clothes. She knitted me a dark green, zipped sweater with a large collar that was a favourite when I was in my late teens. Ten years older when I was living away from home she knitted two identical pale blue sweaters, one for me and one for a girlfriend at the time. They came in handy for keeping us warm when we raced along Devon lanes in my three-wheeled Morgan sports car.

Later, I met the woman who was to become my wife, and I discovered that she could knit. Indeed, she was, and is a very accomplished knitter. Unknown to me in recent weeks, running up to Christmas, she knitted a lovely sweater as a present for me. It was to go with a waterproof shooting jacket she had bought. The great thing about the sweater was that she made it specifically for me – a token of her love and care. What more could a man want than such a loving wife?

I’ve subsequently learnt that the sweater was knitted to a Sirdar pattern (No 9602) requiring Big Softie yarn which is composed of 51% wool and 49% acrylic. It feels soft like wool, and it has a similar smell. I love the oily smell of this natural fibre taken from sheep which is a very effective insulator against the cold. A sweater made from it can repel light rain and let the skin breathe, a bit like man-made Gore-Tex, but without multi-layers.

When I accompany my wife to the local wool shop I am patient with her. She takes her time examining and feeling yarns for different projects. Just now she is knitting a maroon sweater for herself.


Sirdar Mens Sweater 9602

Yarns Fashion Big Softie



Tillerman said...

That certainly looks like a wonderful sweater.

My girlfriend knitted me a similar sweater in 1972. I wore it on our honeymoon in 1973. The sweater has long worn out but the knitting girlfriend is still my wife and she is still knitting but (usually for our four grandchildren these days.)

Paul Mullings said...

Almost a lost art these days I am afraid Bill, you are a lucky man indeed

William Serjeant said...


I know I am a fortunate man. There is a resurgence of knitting in this part of the world. The price of wool is high, but there's satisfaction in making a knitted garment.


William Serjeant said...


40 years together! - Good on you.