Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Photographs

Every photo tells a story. There are so many wonderful photos available to all. They can be downloaded for free, direct to your computer from the worldwide web. These visual images have much to tell. They speak of places, things and people; they capture moments from the days of early photography to the latest family snapshots proudly displayed on Mum’s and Dad’s Facebook page.
For many of us, there are special family photos.  We place them around the house, maybe on cupboards or sideboards, or we may hang them on walls of lounges, bedrooms or stairways. These images in black and white, sepia or full colour bring back cherished memories. They may record the appearances of long gone relatives, perhaps never seen or known; or they may be of loved ones at weddings, christenings, or other celebrations such as a son’s graduation day.
A favourite is often Mum’s and Dad’s wedding photo placed next to one of our own, affirming family continuum and hope for the future. Nearby there are photos of tiny Grace taking her first steps, Bob, when he was captain of the school football team and one of our eldest son Harry in naval uniform. This is a treasure trove of proud moments.
In that tradition I have recently trimmed and framed a beautiful sepia photo of my wife’s Mum and Dad that was taken at their wedding. This valued treasure now hangs in pride of place on the wall of our lounge.

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