Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Problems uploading Photos to my Blog

Hi Folk,

I am having problems today doing my blog, because I am unable to upload any photos. To get around the barriers that have been set up by Blogger I have been sending photos from my computer to myself by email. Then I have been using my Blogger App on the iPhone to upload them to my blog. I’ve added text in the usual way by directly uploading them from my computer.

By the means I’ve descriibed I have been able to present a normal blog, but it has been a bit of a fag! Now I have found that Yahoo Mail is preventing me from emailing photos to my inbox, which means I’ve not been able upload them from my iPhone via my Blogger App to my blog.

Bear in mind that Yahoo is owned by Google and Blogger is also owned by Google.

If this continues I shall no longer be able to illustrate my blogs with photos unless I succumb to using the options provided, i.e., from Picassa Web Albums, from my iPhone, from my webcam, or from a URL.
The only suitable option would be from my iPhone, but if I choose this method, every photo that I take on my iPhone will automatically be uploaded to Blogger. I do not want this to happen, because it will be very expensive; for as soon as I take a photo I shall be charged by my supplier for uploading it to Blogger, unless I have an active WIFI connection.

If this state of affairs continues, I shall have to look into other blog providers.

Google is not doing any favours for themselves, nor are they encouraging bloggers such as myself to continue blogging with them.

I give my apologies, Folk, but at the moment I’m snookered.
STOP PRESS !!!!! Just after I posted this Blog, my photos arrived in my email inbox. Nevetheless, you can see what a hassle it has become to write a normal illustrated blog.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Bill - did you try Firefox instead??

William Serjeant said...

Hello Steve,

No, I haven't tried Firefox. As far as I can see, my iPhone isn't the problem. I have an iPhone Blogger App which is capable of uploading my blog from anywhere, but it doesn't have the versatility of my laptop. The App is somewhat limited, for example, there's a standard text. However, when I'm off cruising I shall upload my blogs from my iPhone. I shall use my phone's camera for taking photos, and I shall be able to upload them individually as I do the blog.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem lodaings pics onto my blogs - Gull dinghy sailing and this earth you walk upon. I think it's because google want us to use Picassa so they can start charging us eventually.

William Serjeant said...


I think you have hit it on the head.

One way or another, providers are in it for money. Obviously, like most of us, they have to earn a buck.

Thing is, they give a service free, then start charging. This happened to me and millions of others when we subscribed to Yahoo Mail. I am now charged over £11 a year, which I suppose is fair enough. Generally, they give a good service, although recently I had to wait ages before photos were deposited in my in-tray after I sent them by email to myself. [Necessary for doing my blog]

What is not so good is Google's increasing share of the online market. They are controlling more and more of us by chanelling us through their applications such as Picassa Web. Google is the new TESCO of Cyberspace.

In the end, those who are independent, not seeking to share everything on social networks, will be forced to jack out. Either that, or reveal all!

I reveal a lot about myself on my blog, but there are certain things I never wish to reveal. They are very personal and private to me and my family. Hence I opted out of Facebook.

Any way, that's enought of my rabbitting.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...but Picassa and Blogger are free - I don't pay a penny...??

William Serjeant said...

Yes, Steve, at the moment! That's the point. How long?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

....ah! "Conspiracy theorists".. :o))

... not unlikely I suppose, but there's plenty of other monetizing options available to them before they have to start charging us directly ... I could see them putting advertising on the blogs for example...