Saturday, January 05, 2013

Christmas is Over

Card recycling sign

Cards for recycling

Today is the last of the 12 days of Christmas, and it is traditionally the day Christmas decorations are taken down. Not bound by tradition or superstition, my wife and I dismantled our artificial Christmas tree and packed our decorations away yesterday. When we are next in the vicinity of Sainsbury’s we shall drop off our Christmas cards at one of their special recycling bins for the Forest Stewardship Council. Last year, because of Sainsbury’s participation, they benefited from the scheme to the tune of £10,000! Marks and Spencer have a similar Christmas card recycling scheme.

The old hob
Now is the time when things get back to ‘normal’. We can return to routine and find breathing space for catching up on matters that require attention. Already I have fixed a curtain in the front bedroom that came adrift from a retaining hook and I have advertised the old Electrolux hob from our kitchen on Ebay. I had first to clean the hob before taking photos for the online auction. I have a feeling the exercise will not bear fruit, because there are similar hobs for auction, none of which have bidders. In the spirit of recycling, if the hob makes 99p, then it will have been worthwhile.
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