Saturday, August 25, 2012

Leather Capping Piece for ‘Sandpiper’s’ Transom

My days at Poole Harbour revealed a couple of minor shortcomings with ‘Sandpiper’;  the most annoying was a sharp edge to a piece of aluminium screwed to the top of her transom for protecting it from being damaged by wire strops that help support the engine when in the lowered position.  As I lowered the engine I would catch the underside of my forearm on the aluminium, causing it to bleed. The first time this happened I didn’t realize I was bleeding until I saw drops of blood on the lid of the stern locker; then I noticed there was blood on my trousers and on the front of my shirt.


I’m obviously a slow learner, because twice more I was injured when lowering the engine.  Today I had an opportunity for covering the aluminium with a leather capping piece.

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