Monday, September 19, 2011

Westerly Nomad Part 2

Dennis Rayner designed the GRP bilge keel Westerly 22. She was similar in concept to his hard-chined 20’ plywood Westcoaster, except the 22 had a round bilge. The bigger boat could be fitted with either a Gunter or Bermudan rig, according to the choice of her prospective owner prior to the boat being built. The Westerly Nomad was a development of the 22 with an almost identical hull, but her internal volume was larger; this was on account of her higher and longer cabin moulding. I believe I’m right in saying that new owners of Nomads could choose to have their yachts fitted with a diesel engine or an inboard outboard engine.

Specification of a Westerly Nomad 22

L.O.A 22’ 3”
L.W.L 18’ 4”
Beam 7’ 5”
Draught 2’ 3”
Weight 3,150 lbs
Ballast 1,050 lbs
Berths 4
Main 120 sq ft
Genoa 166 sq ft
Jib 105 sq ft


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