Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Helicopter Visit to Brandy Hole Yacht Club

On Sunday afternoon, 25th September, 2011, I happened to be walking by the Brandy Hole Yacht Club when there were a number of people sat on the veranda overlooking the River Crouch. To my surprise a blue and white helicopter with the registration G-OYST alighted on a small lawn adjoining the yacht club. I was amazed that this could happen. To my uninitiated eye, there seemed little room for error. The double blade whirred within feet of the building and it was a matter of yards from almost disinterested spectators.

This event seemed to cause hardly a stir from those who watched; there were only glances in the direction of the passengers and pilot as they alighted from the aircraft. Maybe airborne visits by them are regular occurrences. Well, it was certainly a novel way of dropping in!

As I’ve mentioned before, the amount of information on the World Wide Web is staggering. By typing in the registration number of the aircraft, OYST, into the Google search box, details of this particular helicopter are available for all to see. The 1975 aircraft is owned by Adroit Services Corporation, at St. Peter Port, Guernsey and it has flown for over 5,700 hours. The helicopter’s certificate of airworthiness expires on 19th May of next year etc., etc.

Instead of wasting my time and yours, I’ll finish here with a few links leading to other links relating to the owners of the helicopter who are in the business of financial services.


Helicopter Details

Adroit Services Corporation, Havilland Management Ltd.

Directorate Change - Richard Ian Causton employed by Havilland Management Ltd.

Brandy Hole Yacht Club


Unknown said...

Hi I have just come across the blog regarding the helicopter that landed at the yacht club @ brandy hole.
I can confirm that was my father leo who was the pilot, accompanied by my mother & sister. They flew over from Mersea Island to visit myself, who now owns the yacht club.
the flight itself took less than 8 mins, the helicopter is a bell jet ranger.

Brody said...

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