Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 128

Final coat of paint on the sides

Spars finished

This morning I prepared the sides for painting by smoothing them with waterproof emery paper that had been dipped in water. I have used this method when preparing paint on previous boats. There’s no dust in the process, and it produces a very smooth surface. That will probably be the last coat of paint I’ll apply to the sides. There’s another coat required for the deck, and at least three coats for the bottom, possibly four, because that’s the part of the boat most likely to come into contact with objects that may abrade the paint. I also varnished the seat, which has made it look presentable; one more coat of varnish, and it will look good.

Seat with one coat of varnish

Cushions in place, and the tent on the stern deck. I doubt the tent will be satisfactory there.

The spars are finished. I’ll bend on the sail to the gaff and boom, and when I get a chance I’ll try rigging the boat. She’s going to be upside down for at least three days while I apply paint to the bottom. I need another four days for doing the paintwork; afterwards she’ll be nearly finished. There are one or two things that need sorting out, such as the final touches to the keel, deciding on where to stow the paddle, and making a toggle handle to be attached to the stem post. I must also set up a system for anchoring the boat.

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