Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 122

Preparation for fitting the beading

Clamped with clothes pegs

Despite contrary weather with heavy showers, I was able to accomplish what I hoped to do. The lengths of half-round wooden beading have been epoxied to the upper edges of the coamings. I also drilled holes in the spars for various attachments and I varnished them. As per instructions for the first coat of varnish, I added 20 percent of White Spirit, so that the diluted varnish could be absorbed into the wood. That will provide a good firm base for subsequent coatings of undiluted varnish.

The nearest hole is offset for the lower main halyard block, so that the halyard will be clear of the kicker line from the upper hole.

Spars varnished with first coat.

I shall have to finish the coamings by sanding them. There may be a few minute gaps between the beading and the coamings. When I was clamping them with clothes pegs I didn’t see any, but if there are, they will need filling. When the coamings are finished I shall be able to start painting the hull.

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