Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 116

Boom finished, apart from holes for lashings and varnishing

Many hours were devoted to sanding the hull and the spars. Apart from the bottom of the boat which needs a final sanding, I could start painting the hull and varnishing the spars, but I have not yet made the vital decision whether to add GRP tape to the chines. If I do, painting will be delayed.

Tack end of boom

I made and epoxied the collar for the hole where the mainsheet enters the stern deck. I wonder how this will work in practice. If the mainsheet is pliable and fairly soft, I think it will be OK. Derek advised not having the boom pulley on a swivel, as shown in the design, because there is a tendency for the sheet to twist.

Before fitting collar

After fitting collar

There are one or two little jobs that need attention, such as finding a place for the paddle. I’m considering Brian’s suggestion of having a bungee to keep the paddle on deck.

This is an exciting stage of building the boat because I’ll be able to see the fruit of my labour. Painting the boat and setting her up with her sail and keel should be fun. Afterwards I’ll need to focus my attention on the trailer, change the bearings and make suitable supports for the hull.


Patrick Hay said...

I think you've done a great job and the boat looks as if she'll be exciting and fun to sail. One thing I don't like, however is the mainsheet threaded through the hole in the deck.

I don't know what makes me so dubious - maybe just that I would rather be able to see if there's a potential tangle in the tail of the sheet than to find out when the unseen tangle becomes a knot that jams in the hole with the sail under pressure and the boat out of control..

Best of luck with that!

William Serjeant said...


Thanks. You have a very good point.

When I've sailed the boat and tested her, I'll do a write-up to let people know how I get on.