Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 115

Seam after filling

I couldn’t spend a great deal of time on the boat today, but I was able to fill a few minute cavities along the seams where the bottom panels join the side panels. I mixed a small amount of epoxy putty and after moistening the crevasses with epoxy I filled and smoothed them with a wooden spatula.

Hole for toggle handle

I had time to shorten the boom and yard to make them their correct lengths, and I also had time to drill a hole through the head of the stem post for a rope that will be attached to a toggle handle. If it proves to be strong enough, I’ll use the handle for lifting the bow of the boat when she is being conveyed on her trolley. I have yet to make a trolley which will lock onto the skeg at the stern of the boat. This is not a priority, because ‘Sharpy’ will be transported on a lightweight road trailer that can be used as a launching buggy.

At the next opportunity I’ll tidy the epoxy fillings and finish the spars. I’ll also make a tiny collar for the mainsheet where it enters the tube on the stern deck. If I decide against adding GRP tape to the chines, I shall be able to paint the exterior of the boat with the exception of the mainsheet collar until the epoxy hardens.

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