Friday, June 10, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 112

Frames being assembled

I didn’t have an opportunity to work on ‘Sharpy’ today. Therefore there are no new photos, but I thought I would remind myself of what has been done. This is best shown by photos taken during the course of the build.

A cardboard template for a forward side panel

The transom made as a separate unit

Testing the fit before joining parts with epoxy

Decks almost ready for attaching to the hull

Outside for the first time

In addition to the above, I have made the rudder, the keel, and I've almost finished the spars.

The boat has to be painted and various bits put in place, then she should be ready for the water. Getting her there by road trailer will require some sorting, because the trailer needs attention. I may have to change the wheel bearings and I'll have to devise supports for the boat.

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