Friday, June 03, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 105

Joining the outer coamings to the inner ones

I achieved quite a lot today. The outer coamings have been laminated to the inner ones and I have shaped and partially fitted the collar for the mast where it will pass through the foredeck whenever it is stepped.

The back of the seat exactly fits inside the inner coaming

If I’m to get any sailing in ‘Sharpy’ this summer, I have to press on whenever I can. Each time I think I’m getting nearer the exterior painting stage I realize there is something more to do which prevents me from doing the painting.

The collar is being built from four pieces of mahagany

I have to finish the coamings, the collar, two rubbing strips, the chine tapes and the outer stem post. I shall also have to make a small skeg for fitting a trolley - if I decide to make one.

Maybe some other thing will delay me making a start on the painting. I might make a thimble to go around the tube through which the mainsheet will pass. A thimble would spread the load on the sheet and create a less hard edge, thus minimizing wear on the sheet.

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