Thursday, June 02, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 104

Efforts late afternoon and evening resulted in fitting and epoxying ‘Sharpy’s’ inner coamings. To build up their thickness, outer coamings must be bonded to them. The lower edges of the outer coamings will butt onto adjacent decks, creating a strong structure. I shall add epoxy putty fillets to joints both under and above the decks.

I shall have to apply an upper coat of paint to the cockpit for cosmetic purposes, but first I must remove a few epoxy dribbles that came about when I bonded the decks to the side panels.

When I have finished making the coamings I shall be able to fix the rubbing strips to the bottom of the hull. At that point, she will be ready for having her chines covered with GRP tape. There will be two layers of tape in the mid-sections where most wear is likely to occur. Only then, when the epoxy has cured, shall I start painting the exterior of the hull and decks.

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