Monday, June 27, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 127

Sides painted a light yellow

After I painted the sides and transom with a light yellow paint I varnished the seat slats and the coamings. Surprisingly, that took most of the afternoon, because I spent a fair amount of time sanding the seat and the coamings before varnishing them.

First coating of varnish

The seat was recycled from a bin tip and I’m not necessarily keeping it as the final seating arrangement. My intention is to see how it goes. If the seat is relatively comfortable with the waterproof wheelchair cushion I bought for it, I shall probably keep it. Today, I gave it its first coat of varnish. By the time I’ve given it another two coatings, at least, it may look a little more attractive. I’m not overly keen on the appearance just now, as it looks decidedly second-hand, if not third! The principle of recycling is good. Let’s hope I feel that way after finishing and trying the seat.

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