Monday, June 13, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 114

Stem fitted

It took quite a while to shape the outer stem post and round the chines. I have yet to finish the top of the stem and drill a hole through it for the rope of a toggle handle.

Derek Munnion reckons it will not be necessary to add GRP tape to the chines. This leaves me in a quandary. Should I, or shouldn’t I? At the moment they are beautifully smooth so as to present little drag and be effective for creating lateral resistance and lift when the boat is on the wind. There are one or two very small voids between the bottom and side panels at the chines. If I decide not to tape the chines, I’ll have to fill the voids before painting the hull.

Close-up of foot

So far, I’m pleased with the finish and I’m cogitating adding half-round beading to the outer top edge of the coamings to form a lip which would help keep a spray apron in place. I’ll be exploring the possibility of adapting a cycle cape to act as a spray apron. A rubber bungee inside the lower hem would secure the apron to the coamings.

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