Monday, February 21, 2011

‘Caleb’ 50/50 Canoe on

If I were not building a Derek Munnion ‘Sharpy’ roof rack keelboat, I would be bidding on my old 50/50 Paul Fisher canoe on For anyone living in the UK, it’s now your chance to pick up a lovely sailing and paddling canoe. I say this myself, because I know how I built her from the best materials.

Derek Clark became her owner when I exchanged her for a self-steering gear for my yacht in 2005. He has lightly used her, and made a few modifications - principally exchanging the forward reverse tiller for two cane rods attached to the rudder yoke. On reflection, I think this arrangement is better, because it leaves the cockpit clear.

I found that ‘Caleb’ sailed very well, even to windward in a Force 3. The single leeboard and rudder combined to provide good lateral resistance. She was a bit heavy for me to lift onto the roof rack of my car, but if I had her now, I would tow her on a lightweight road trailer. I intend to do this with the boat I am building.

Paul Fisher designed ‘Caleb’ with a wide cockpit so that her crew could act as internal ballast by sitting low and moving to the windward side. I felt that she was a little wide for effective paddling when using a double-bladed paddle. Derek has wisely improved the seating arrangement so that the paddle can be kept clear of the coaming and side decks. For shallow water use, the rudder and leeboard can be lifted clear of the water.

She has ample dry storage for camping and other items in the forward and aft compartments which are accessed through watertight hatches in the decks. With some fiddling, the mast, boom and sail can be stored in the cockpit, but I usually preferred having them lashed together so that they protruded over the front of the coaming.

I shall be following the bidding with some interest, and truly hope that ‘Caleb’ will go to someone who will look after her. In this respect, Derek has completely encapsulated her in tinted green epoxy which will do well to protect her from water ingress.

If you are the lucky person who ends up being ‘Caleb’s’ owner, you may like to drop me a line. I would love to keep in contact with you, as my interest in the boat continues. After all, she is part of me! I put so much care into building her.


You can find ‘Caleb’ on by keying in this number in the search box: 200578330913


Caleb’ on Ebay until 26th February, 2011, 1844hrs

‘Caleb’ 50/50 Canoe

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Axel said...

Hi William,

Good to see Caleb again!
I was watching you building Caleb a number ago and learned that canoe sailing is fascinating. Built a Bufflehead sailing canoe, because it is easier to carry on my shoulder - not that heavy. I can testify that these boats are much fun very useful to cruise in a relaxed mood. Will take my sailing canoe around Elba this year.
Added some info on canoe sailing / paddling to the page below.
All the best,
Axel (Switzerland)

William Serjeant said...

Axel, Thank you for the link to your excellent website. Your Bufflehead looks magnificent.

I hope your adventure sailing and paddling around Elba goes well.

Best wishes,

Geoff said...

Hello Bill

I am the proud new owner of Caleb, having just bought her from Derek Clark. I have her at home now, and am looking forward to launching when the weather improves. She must be one of the most well documented canoes in existence, and I am grateful for all the work you put into her.

Best wishes
Geoff Weller