Saturday, February 12, 2011

Burnham and the River Crouch - Part 4

Map reproduced by kind permission of Ordnance Survey

One of the more well known anchorages is at Cliff Reach. This is about two miles up river from Burnham-on-Crouch. Protection from winds is quite good, because Black Point to the west gives cover from that direction; land rises to form a hint of a cliff to the north and northeast; trees there also provide a lee, but when the wind opposes the tide, the anchorage can become uncomfortable. The holding ground is not brilliant either, since it is stony, unless you anchor more to the north-west, closer in to the beach, where there is mud, but your yacht may take the ground at low water.

The scenery there is quite pretty, and to the south you can glimpse Canewdon Church tower on the skyline. To the southeast there’s the quay at Wallasea Island where coasters offload their cargoes. At high water you can take your dinghy to a small stretch of sandy beach which is owned by a local farmer, but a public footpath runs along the river bank towards Burnham.

(The position of the anchorage on the map is just to the right of the letter 'h' of Cliff Reach.)

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