Monday, February 07, 2011

‘Hobbit’, a JOG Boat designed by Laurent Giles

Under consideration today is the beautiful 20 ft clinker mahogany JOG yacht that was completely refurbished by craftsmen at Newson Boatbuilders. This ‘Sopranino’ Class yacht was for sale in November 2009, but she has since been bought by an Italian. She’s a real classic yacht in good fettle, well able to give her new owner loads of fun for many years.


Photographs of the Boat at Newson Boatbuilders

‘Sopranino’, my previous article about the original yacht


Bursledon Blogger said...

I've always thought a Sopranino would make a great day boat/weekender lovely to see one in what appears to be such great shape

William Serjeant said...

An absolute gem for day saling and weekending.

I wonder how much the lucky Italian paid for her? A new one would cost the earth.