Tuesday, February 08, 2011

‘Sharpy’ Peep Show

Dormant Creature

If you are a new visitor to my Blog you may not have discovered my interest in a fifteen foot, roof rack keelboat. In fact I am in the process of building one such boat designed by Derek Munnion. The original keelboat he named, ‘Sharpy’. When I say ‘I am in the process of building’, technically that’s true, because I started building her last year and I have every intention of finishing her this year.

During these dark winter months I have made no progress whatsoever - mainly because cold temperatures and short daylight hours have not been conducive for working in the garage where her skeletal form is currently housed. However, she is sufficiently formed to have some awareness of life dwelling within her; meanwhile she patiently waits until she can be transformed into an aquatic creature suitable for serving her creator and master.

This morning I was inspired by bright sunshine to take a furtive peep at the dormant embryo hidden behind the garage door. When I saw the skeletal form I realized I was not dreaming - this nymph in the making was truly real. Around and under her there was an accumulation of odds and ends that had been thrown there for convenience.

When spring brings hope and temperatures rise, I feel sure I shall have the energy and enthusiasm for clearing away the rubbish, organizing my workshop and recommence building my ‘Sharpy’.


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Paul Mullings said...

I told you you should have got a pot belly, mind you with all this swanning off to Mexico I can't say I blame you!

William Serjeant said...

You're right Paul. I lost focus looking for swans in Mexico. I saw a couple of pelicans, but no swans.

Sadly, I couldn't find any traditional beach boats either. Apparently, they never existed. That's a strange business, and hard to believe, but there you are.

Paul Mullings said...

Its a funny thing you would have thought that traditional boats would be evrywhere in Mexico, what with its extensive coastline. The only ones I saw where on a lake in Mexico City!!! Maybe it's because the Mayan and Aztec's are renown for there seamanship - but they can sure build pyramids.