Thursday, November 25, 2010

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 33

Hog and Inner Stem Post

The Hog Butt Joint comes aft of the Keel Box Support Frame.

Boatbuilding today was a bit like climbing the North Face of the Eiger! The gas heater conked out, leaving the temperature nearer to zero than the required fifteen degrees Celsius. Only this evening are my feet thawing out, despite the fact that I spent but an hour in the garage. During that time I tidied the bottom surfaces of the hog and stringers to make them smooth for receiving the bottom panels, which won’t be for a while – at least until I buy another canister of Butane gas for the heater. I also started preparing the deck support stringers. These will be set proud of the apex of the frames, so that I can shape them with an inverted ‘v’ section to support the deck side panels where they will meet longitudinally down the centre of the boat.

I can’t ascertain the exact length of the forward deck stringer until the keel box has been made, because the aft side of the pulley for the lifting keel Bowden cable which is sighted on the upper surface of the stringer, must be directly above the point where the Bowden cable emerges from the keel box. I can get a pretty good idea of where the pulley will go from measurements on the plan, but I want to be precise. The length of the aft deck stringer can be accurately assessed, as the building plan shows that it protrudes an inch forward of frame number three.

Incidentally, at least sixty-four climbers have died climbing the North Face of the Eiger, and after my failed attempt today, I’m around to tell the tale.


The Eiger

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