Monday, November 15, 2010

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 24

Keel Box Support Frame in place

Rudder Blade

Progress is progress! There are some days when you think you are making very little progress; today has been such a day for me. Things crop up that interfere with what you are doing. This morning I had the feeling that not much was being achieved, but when I look back on the whole day, far more was achieved than at first I thought would be the case.

As I had to go near the factory where I’m hoping the metal parts for ‘Sharpy’ will be made, I thought I would call in to check how far they had advanced with a quote. Over the past three weeks I’ve been badgering them in a restrained way to get a move on. In total I’ve made three phone calls, sent an email and I’ve been to the factory twice. I was promised a phone call by the end of today, but as has happened before, I did not receive one. I have my doubts if they want the job. If they don’t, why aren’t they straight with me? I could try elsewhere.

About midmorning I set about tidying the keel box support frame by filing and sanding the edges where epoxy had seeped out from between the lamination. Then I fixed it in place between the hull panels. All of the frames have now been made; they simply need to be epoxied to the side panels, along with the transom and inner stem post to make a rigid framework for the rest of the hull. The bottom and deck panels will be shaped accordingly.

I needed to order epoxy and a length of Douglas fir for the boom, so at mid-day I took a break from woodworking to go online.

After lunch I made the rudder blade. The more complicated bit to build is the rudder stock which houses the kick-up rudder. I may be able to start that tomorrow afternoon. The reason I am doing things piecemeal is because I have not yet sorted out the heating for the garage. Once that’s been done, I’ll be able to make real progress.

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