Saturday, November 06, 2010

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 20

Port Hand Panel

Stem Post

Stem Post again

I put in another 4 hours and 45 minutes building ‘Sharpy’ today, bringing the grand total to 60 hours and 5 minutes. For sure, I’m a slow worker because I spend a lot of time looking and checking before shaping, cutting, gluing etc.. First thing this morning I got on with epoxying the chine log and sheer strake to the port hand panel. Afterwards I tidied the starboard hand panel by filing away a few epoxy dribbles before smoothing them with sandpaper. Then I cut out the notches in the frames for the sheer strakes and chine logs. Finally I shaped the internal stem post.

Derek Munnion, the designer of ‘Sharpy’, phoned this evening to give me measurements that can help me incorporate the correct amount of sheer into the boat. Apparently, if she doesn’t have enough rocker she won’t sit on her waterline correctly. More rocker can be induced by increasing the flare at the bow. The stem should just clear the water and the lower part of the transom should be on the waterline.

It’s unlikely that I’ll do any boatbuilding tomorrow, because I have other tasks that need doing.

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