Sunday, September 13, 2015

The River Crouch at Hullbridge

I was born and bred in Somerset and I’ll never lose my love of the beautiful countryside which is markedly different to that of east Essex where I’ve resided for the past forty-three years. I’ve come to love the flatlands of Essex as much as my former love. The marshlands and creeks bordering the River Crouch have an intrinsic beauty. They never fail to enchant. The Crouch casts a spell that draws me to her side to see her intoxicating loveliness. She lures those worthy of her love, not only me, but others who walk her banks and those who explore her moving waters by boat.

Yesterday was no exception. She was splendid in her beauty.


Hullbridge River Walk

Hullbridge Waterside on a Sunday Afternoon

Mute Swans

Hullbridge Riverside

August Bank Holiday Dreaming of Oceans

My Love of the River Crouch

‘Finda’ – A Miniature Hastings Beach Boat

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