Monday, September 07, 2015

Had a Good Sail with ‘Pike’

High water neaps at the start from Ferry Road slipway

The weather forecast for today was accurate, and most importantly there was a light wind from the north. Conditions couldn’t have been better for a sail to Burnham from Hullbridge. Not counting tacks, ‘Pike’ did a total of 18 nautical miles - 3 ¼ of them under oar.

There will be more photos tomorrow, along with a brief account of how things went.


Brian said...

Good to read it went well Bill. Guess you will sleep well tonight after rowing more than three miles.

Paul Mullings said...

Delighted to hear the news...good on you Bill.

Stephen Mundane said...

More power to your rollocks Bill -- looking forward very much to reading about the trip.