Sunday, September 06, 2015

Exciting Prospect of another Sail with ‘Pike’

So far I have only taken ‘Pike’ for a trial sail, but there is a realistic prospect that I may be able to take her for another tomorrow. I shall have time to do it, and tomorrow’s neap tide is favourable for a long day out. In my part of the world neap high tides occur early mornings and late evenings. Neap tides are ideal for taking the ebb from Hullbridge (my home port) towards Fambridge and beyond. If the wind is favourable it is possible to sail as far as Burnham in a small boat before having to turn around for the sail back with the help of the flood tide.

A favourable, but light wind from the north is forecast to blow all day. Coming from the north, it may be cold, and if the forecast can be believed, it will gradually become cloudier as the day goes on until evening when there may be a glimpse of the sun.

With this prospect in mind I have prepared ‘Pike’ for the water. She waits impatiently, tethered to the car. All that remains to be done is for me to sort out food and drink for the day.

Nothing can be guaranteed, but my hope is that the day will be enjoyable. Assuming all goes well, and I return home safely, I’ll let you know how things went. Whenever you are out on the water, there is always an element of adventure, because you can never be sure what will happen.


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, Im excited for you. Please do have a lovely day out tomorrow. Ill be all agog, waiting to read of the trip. Take care

Stephen Mundane said...

Fair wind and a following sea Bill. Hope you have a fantastic day.