Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Web Links – Sailing Canoes

Here are a few more web links taken from my old Small Sailboats website.
The photos are of 'Caleb', my Paul Fisher 50/50 decked sailing and paddling canoe. Balogh Sail Designs Building a Sailing Canoe, 1876. Building a Rig for Canoes. Building "Wee Lassie". Canvas Canoe with a Sail. (See bottom of page) Canoe and Kayak Sail Kits. Canoe and Boatbuilding for Amateurs. Canoe/Kayak Amas and Akas. Canoe Sailing Rig Kits. Canvas Canoe Web Site. Cheap Rig by Simplicity Boats. Chesapeake Light Craft. Fitting a Junk Rig to a Klepper Kayak. Fyne Boat Kits. How to Rig a Canoe. Kayak Hatches, Seats etc. Kayak Sail. Keel for Sailing Kayaks. Leeboard for a Canoe. Mermaid Stabilizers. Outrigger Sailing Canoes. Sailing Rigs for Tasmanian Kayaks. Sails and Rigging for a canoe. Selway Fisher Sailing Canoes. Simple Lugsail. Spy - 10, Folding Sail Rig. Storer Boat Plans. Wa'apa - a three board canoe. What Next? Wing Sails Co. Yakaboo 2


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