Sunday, October 07, 2012

Ploughing Festival

This weekend, not far from Ely in Cambridgeshire, there was a ploughing festival at Green Farm by the Prickwillow Engine Museum.  Tickets for the festival could be used for free entry to the Engine Museum. In addition to watching horses and tractors competing in ploughing competitions, one could see many vintage vehicles, traction engines, market stalls, arts and crafts and trade stands.

The weather was perfect, being sunny with a gentle cooling breeze. Many people came along to join in the fun, including me and my wife. The biggest attraction for us was the shire horses.  Sadly on Saturday, there were only three of them - one pulling a multi- pronged rake, and the others were yoked together to a single bladed plough. Of secondary interest for me was ploughing by the use of tractors – there will be more about this in a future article. 


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Prickwillow - The Museum of Fenland Drainage


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