Friday, October 19, 2012

Apps for iPhone 4s

Applications for use on iPhones are available through iTunes. If your phone is operative, you will already be signed up to iTunes where ‘Apps’ are available. Open the ‘App Store’; select the ‘Search’ option, and key in suitable words to describe the sort of application you want; for example ‘bible concordance’; then press the search button. About 19 apps will become available. Flick through them to find the one that most fits your original need. To see if it will be suitable, open the page by tapping your finger on the screen, and sample pages will appear. Simply skim through them as you would photos by pulling or pushing them from side to side. Have a look at the Reviews section by tapping your finger in the upper part of the screen. If you think the application fits the bill, you can download it to your phone by tapping the ‘Free’ box, or if it is not free, the box stating how much has to be paid before downloading can take place. You will already have an arrangement with iTunes for making payments for downloading Music, TV Programmes and Films.

I think being able to immediately gain access to the sort of information you want via your chosen application is tremendously useful. In this day and age, which is fast-moving, finding what you want quickly is important. If I were both a gourmet and a travelling salesman I would download the Great Britain and Ireland Michelin guide 2013, so that wherever I went I would be able to locate a good restaurant. As I cruise my boat on open water, I downloaded an excellent app that provides marine weather forecasts for free. It is simply called ‘Marine Weather’. If you are into playing games, there are a few sailing apps, such as ‘Top Sailor Sailing Simulator’ or ‘SailBlaster’. The latter does not have such a good writ up as the former. Since I am not into playing games, I can’t give an opinion. Apps that I particularly like are my ‘Kindle’ for reading E-books supplied by Amazon, and the ‘Flyto Chart Navigator’, which has every chart for navigating around the UK; it has road maps too!  


IPhone Nautical Chart Navigator


ryan lawrence said...

Is this apps Woks with iPhone 5?

William Serjeant said...

Check the reviews, but I imagine it would be fine.