Thursday, October 11, 2012

Web Links – Miscellaneous, but relevant to those who have an interest in small sailing boats.

The above heading is self-explanatory. All of the under mentioned links have been copied from my old Small Sailboats website.
Originally there were about twice as many, but time has been the executioner. Businesses have folded up; webmasters have change their sites and given them new addresses; other sites were not renewed and those who championed them lost interest or died. These are the survivors: Acrohc - Smallest Boat to Circumnavigate. Anchoring from the Cockpit. Around in Ten - a race for 10' boats around the world. Boat Owners World. Canal and River Trust. Camping and Caravanning Club's Boating Group. Cedar Key Small Boat Meet 2004. Charles Stock and Shoal Waters. Charlie Ward Traditional Boats. Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Chinese Junk Sailing Rigs. Christer Byström's Really Small Yacht Site. Circumnavigation in 'Said' , a 3.7 metre Russian yacht. Cruising Association. Christer Bystrom's Sailing Web Site. Cruising in the Bahamas. Drascombe Boats. DS 16 DillerSchwill 16 Discussion Group. Free Boat Design Resources. Footy - Radio controlled model racing yacht. Gregg's Boat Building Projects. Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories. In the Boat Shed. Jester Challenge. Kick-up Rudder. Logbook for "Freja" during Raid Finland 2002. Messing About - Small Boats Site. Main Island Trail Association. My Boat Building Projects - Carlson Design. National Trailer and Towing Association. Open Canoe Sailing Group. Pocket Cruiser. Com. Pocket Cruiser Guide. Potter Yachters Org. Precision Boat Works (Trailer Sailers). Roboat Autonomous Sailboat. Robot Boats to Race across Atlantic. Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Royal Yachting Association. Sailing Links.Com. Self-steering - Sheet to Tiller. Self-steering without a Wind Vane. Selway Fisher Designs. Small Sailboats Yahoo! Discussion Group. Shallow Draft Boat Tents by Robert West. Shallow Water Sailors. Old WaterTribe Boat Site. Trailer Sailor Association. UK Launch Sites. West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron. Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association. Wooden Canoe Heritage Association.

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