Monday, July 20, 2015


The first move towards building the patio was taken on 29th April when I ordered paving slabs from B&Q. Shortly after their arrival on 1st May I started demolishing the old patio to make way for the new one. My first mention of it here was on 6th June.* At that time I had dug a trench for the retaining wall, and I was levelling the ground in preparation for hard core.

Two months and twenty-one days after ordering the slabs, the job is finished - apart from tidying the joins; therefore I am jubilant, especially as my wife likes what I have done.

When the joins have been tidied and I have disposed of all unwanted hard core, unused bricks, plus old sand and mortar I shall be able to concentrate on ‘Pike’. There are a few things that require doing to her before I take her for a sail. She’ll take up residence in the ‘boathouse’ as soon as I transfer new garden furniture from it to the patio.


*The Patio and ‘Ladybird’


Unknown said...

That patio is stunning. I can find no criticism of it whatsoever. Im not suprised that your wife likes it, whats to dislike?
You have a good rest for a couple of days, while the weather clears up, zand then get stuck into Pike!
Take care for now, Bill, and very well done.

Stephen Mundane said...


Top job, as Richard said. I very much hope that you all enjoy the party on the Great Patio of Essex.


William Serjeant said...

Thank you Richard. Your comments are always positive.


William Serjeant said...


A family party is planned to take place in August, and of course, we shall celebrate and have fun on the Great Patio of Essex - assuming the weather plays ball.