Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Finishing the Patio

When something is to be created, preparations are required beforehand. Nothing can be made from nothing. Firstly, one must acquire materials and tools to do the job. From that point, one is able to start creating what is to be made, but what is made will not be complete until it has been given a finish. Finishing must take place, because without a finish, whatever is created is incomplete, unless one deliberately builds into it an unfinished effect.

My patio requires finishing.

When building it, I found it impossible to prevent the mortar from spilling over onto the slabs from the gaps between them. My priority was to ensure that there were no voids, and the only way I could achieve this was by compressing mortar into the gaps. Afterwards I scraped away any surplus, but that left stains on the edges of the slabs.

Today I have been trying to remove the stains by scraping and wire brushing them.

Tomorrow I may be able to complete the task.


Stephen Mundane said...


Fiddly job for sure, but worth it for that perfect finish.


PS Pike looks happy in the boathouse

Stephen Mundane said...
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