Sunday, July 26, 2015


I’ve just purchased the ‘Ship Finder’ AIS App for my iPhone which works a treat. There’s a Dutch yacht named ‘Cine Mara’ in which I have an interest. She’s currently stormbound at Alderney awaiting better weather, and with the App I shall be able to track her, know her speed and course, her exact location and destination if programmed by her skipper, along with her ETA. All of this information is updated every 3 minutes. At just under £3 for the advertisement free iOS App, I think this is good value for money. The free version has limited information, and it is spoiled by intrusive advertisements.

An advertisement free live chart showing the positions and movements of vessels may be had by visiting the Live Ships Map – AIS on a computer. (See Link below)

Note: All photos are of ‘Cine Mara’.**


Live Ships Map - AIS



Automatic Identification System

**'Cine Mara' - The Galway hooker: Dutch and Irish connections

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