Thursday, July 23, 2015

Patio Completely Finished

At long last my labours on building a patio in the back garden have come to an end. I can look at it with some satisfaction. I know that it is far from perfect, since I lacked the skills and knowledge to bring perfection about. However, what I did was my very best, and the finish was satisfactory – good enough to make my wife happy.

At the outset I was a complete novice, having never built a patio before, and I can honestly say I never want to build another. Give me wood as a medium, not bricks and mortar, for which I have little sympathy. Shaping wood with sharp tools is pleasurable, but mixing mortar and applying it with a trowel - there is no comparison.

Take if from me, that is not the last job to do in the garden. A garden is as demanding as a boat, and it can be just as costly to maintain. Talking of boats, I must get around to having a sail with ‘Pike’.


Paul Mullings said...

Congratulations Bill a job well done. Looking forward to news of your first sail....

Alden Smith said...

Well done. It looks great. I am in the midst of some renovations myself (painting and decorating variety) so I know what a lot of work (and the satisfaction on completion) it can be. Enjoy your summer and your sail!