Sunday, July 05, 2015


Therapeutic tools for relaxation

Stained and discoloured slab


Cleaning finished

It rained quite heavily this morning, but as I wasn’t intending to work on building the patio, there was no disappointment. For me to take time off from the task was a relief, but strangely, this afternoon, when the sun came out and there was a coolness and freshness to the air, I thought it would be relaxing to clean up the edges of the joins between the seven paving slabs I set in place yesterday.

In accordance with my desire for relaxation, I made a cup of tea and settled to mechanically scrape away stains on the edges of adjacent slabs. There was nothing strenuous, just a gentle jigging of the scraper, followed by rhythmic movements with the wire brush and a dusting away of the resulting powder. The sun shone, and a cool, soft wind rustled the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. I could think or dream of anything I wished. 

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