Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Distraction

I’ve been very attentive to finishing the patio, but this morning my wife wanted me to take her to the National Flower Show at Hylands House, and of course, I obliged. I love flowers, particularly roses, of which there were few. The fine weather must have encouraged many people to come along, because even by the opening time of 10.00 am there were thousands there. We stayed for most of the morning and we saw practically every stand. I was amazed at the variety of exhibits, but even more by lots of rubbish, including garden gnomes and so-called garden sculptures.

I was pleased to be on my way home shortly before mid-day, and by one o’clock I was back on the job of mixing mortar and laying bricks. There can only be less than a dozen to lay, and the job should be finished, except for tidying joins between the slabs.


National Flower Show Hylands House Chelmsford

Hylands House

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Unknown said...

Hello Bill, when you mentioned the rubbish for sale at the flower show, I bet you never saw anything as good as your patio?