Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Twenty-six Paving Slabs

The hottest day of the year so far, and I laid seven paving slabs, one of which had to be shaped to fit.

I can congratulate myself, because another day’s work could see me past the halfway mark. However, I shall not be working on the patio tomorrow because there are a number of important things that have to be done before my wife takes a mini-break to Italy.

My chief role tomorrow will be that of private chauffeur. To a certain extent it will be a rest day – certainly by comparison to today which has been hard grind. Mortar and paving slabs is not my cup of tea; I would much prefer working with wood, building a boat. Cutting a paving slab to shape is not a nice job. Noise is horrendous and grit goes everywhere.

Neighbours have to be a bit tolerant, but since my immediate neighbours are having a house extension built, they have become accustomed to noise. Our other neighbours are off on holiday for a bit of respite and peace. I don’t blame them.

The tally of paving slabs laid to the present time is 26. My calculation is that there are another 39 to go! Some patio! When it is finished I’ll be able to invite all my neighbours to a jive party, and we’ll have right knees up.


Stephen Mundane said...

Hats off, or on what with the sun, to you Bill. Finishing it will definitely be cause for celebration.

Hope you enjoy today's relative coolness.


PS I have to agree, cutting slabs to fit is a real pain.

William Serjeant said...

Thank you Stephen. I somewhat relaxed today (Thursday) and appreciated the marginally cooler weather.