Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Window Cleaning

The wonderful spring weather has spurred me on to clean the windows of my house. An area of high pressure centred over the south of England has brought a glorious day of sunshine, and little wind. Such conditions are ideal for cleaning windows.

If it’s windy, climbing a ladder can be risky. One could be blown off it and suffer a bad injury, or even be killed. No one in their right mind cleans exterior windows when it is raining, or when there’s moisture in the air. Dampness prolongs the drying process of the liquid cleaning agent. Therefore make hay while the sun shines and clean your windows too!

When I was a kid I cleaned the windows of the house where I lived with newspaper and methylated spirits. It was quite effective.

I like Mr Muscle, a cleaning agent which is specially formulated for household surfaces, including glass, but not finished wood. Using the trigger action pump, I spray the stuff onto a pane, and then vigorously remove it with a duster. To improve the finish I thoroughly polish the glass with a second soft duster.

While I’m doing the windows I also clean their frames, but with water to which I add a small quantity of Flash Clean and Shine All Purpose Cleaner.

For as long as I am able to climb a ladder I shall continue cleaning the windows of my house. If the day comes when I can’t do them I’ll employ a local window cleaner.


Mr Muscle

Flash Clean and Shine All Purpose Cleaner

Windolene (I also like this for cleaning windows.)

Methylated Spirits

Reliable Window Cleaner Covering South East Essex

Make Hay While the Sun Shines


Paul Mullings said...

A regular George Formby in the making Bill!

William Serjeant said...


He could play the ukulele far better than me. In fact, I can't play it all!

He was more entertaining than me, but no doubt readers are highly amused at some of the things I write.

Good on them. Enjoy.