Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WavEco Inflatable Dinghy for Sale

Now that I have a smaller boat I no longer have a use for my WavEco 7 foot inflatable dinghy. My ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter is no bigger than many sailing dinghies; therefore she can be treated as such, which means I can beach her if need be for getting ashore. On the other hand, there may be a few occasions when it may be better to leave her at anchor or on a mooring. To meet those situations I shall look around for a smaller alternative inflatable dinghy or canoe.

Meanwhile there is no point in keeping my WavEco in the house loft – far better to sell her and let her be useful to another person. To that end I have put her up for auction at Ebay.co.uk. Key in the following number into the Ebay search box: 160993298020.

For more information, also have a look at previous articles I’ve written about my WavEco by clicking the links below.


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alina said...

I was looking to buy an inflatable dinghies but was looking for all the characteristics. Thanks for sharing all the information with us.