Monday, March 25, 2013

My Cruising Logs


Here I’ve assembled a number of links that will take you to accounts of some of the cruises I’ve done with my own boats and with others.

To follow each log, first visit the starting page, and from there you can see links on the right hand side.

Before leaving this page make it one of your favourites, or bookmark it as the case may be. That will ensure you’ll be able to find it again.

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Cruising Trailer Sailers/Canoes/Day Boats

Cruise to Alderney

'Micro’s’ Cruises No 2 - Hullbridge/Roach Part 1

‘Micro’ at Holy Island, Part 1

The Cruise Part 1 ‘Faith’ to the Scilly Isles

Day Sailing ‘Talitha’

Poole Harbour with ‘Sandpiper’ – Part 1

Pottering – Part 1 (A South Coast Cruise with 'Sandpiper', my West Wight Potter. 

Cruising  Pocket Cruiser Sailboats

‘Zeta’ - Folksong

Cruise of the ‘Aziz’ a Pioneer 9 Part 1

Lady Ashquelon

‘Apple Charlotte’, part 1

‘Bumper’s’ Cruise, First Day

‘Ladybird’s’ Cruise to the Scilly Islands


Cruising with Others

‘Pinto’s’ Summer Cruise, 1975, part 1

Cruise of the ‘Ishani’, a 26’ Eventide – Part 1

A Memorable Cruise, Part 1

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