Monday, August 06, 2012

Poole Harbour

The most hazardous part was trailing 'Sandpiper' to Redcliffe Farm for launching. The journey by road took all morning. Several times we came to a halt on the M25 because of heavy traffic. Perhaps the Olympic Games was part of the problem.

Anyway, the short distance between Sandford Park campsite, where I offloaded gear for my family, was quickly done so that I arrived in good time for launching the boat at high water.
At 1450 'Sandpiper' was heading down the River Frome. Ten or so minutes later I brought her alongside at Ridge Wharf Yacht Centre to buy a Poole Harbour chart.

After light refreshments I continued down river. Loads of yachts were moored beside the reedy river bank. Past Swineham Point where the river widens over mudflats I unrolled the jib for a run before the fresh southwesterly.

I don't understand Poole Harbour tides, and I was surprised to find it was still making, but there was enough wind to push us over the tide at a 2.5 knots.

Beyond Gold Point and Patchins Point there was enough water for us to follow the shoreline to Shipstal Point, where I set the anchor in mud with only 0.8 metres of water the boat. By 1900 we were aground.

I love this kind of anchorage where many wader birds totally ignore yachts as they forage alongside. Apart from the sound of howling wind and the call of birds there is a wonderful peace here - such a contrast to the noisy traffic earlier in the day.

Well, I'm hoping I shall have a reasonable night's sleep.

PS The photos are of the boat at Ridge Wharf, Shipstal Point and my evening meal.


Steve Carey said...

Well done Bill.

The M25 is never much less than a nightmare. That part of your expedition best forgotten! Anyway , after all that, I bet your evening meal was magic!

Not much progress with Molly due to frequent showers. However, blue sky and sunny with 20ÂșC in between. I did pull up all the floor panels (30 super-screws!) and run the deck-socket cables through to the switch panel/box. It's all coming together and if the 25 Amp dual Red-Black cable arrives tomorrow, I should be able to complete the wiring.

I guess you uploaded to your blog using your iPhone?

William Serjeant said...

Hi Steve,
I hope you will soon finish sorting out 'Molly' and have fun sailing her. I may have 'Sandpiper' on the Blackwater perhaps next week or the week after. Do you think you will be afloat then?

I am doing this part of the blog with my iPhone. I've not found a way of putting photos within the text when uploading through Blogger.