Sunday, August 05, 2012

‘Sandpiper’ ready to go

I have a check list of items to stow aboard the boat before leaving from home; apart from my toiletries everything is stowed. An early start tomorrow and all should be well. If things go according to plan ‘Sandpiper’ has a good chance of being launched on the River Frome by mid- afternoon. I shall not be bothered if I don’t make it then, because Tuesday will do. I have slight reservations about the plan, as I have to take family members to a nearby campsite before continuing to Redcliffe Farm for launching at their slipway.

 The forecast is for occasional showers, as has been the pattern over the last few days. On Tuesday, the weather should improve on account of a high pressure system developing. Most likely that will bring light winds and pleasant conditions for being on the water until at least Friday.

Regarding the duration of my cruise much will depend on the weather, but I could be home as soon as Monday, 13th August. If it is imperative that I become a taxi driver a second time I shall return that day, God willing. The boat may remain at Redcliffe Farm until I can collect her for more cruising further west.

Reception for my iPhone may be poor at Poole Harbour; therefore please be patient with the updating of my Blog.


Steve Carey said...

. . . . I wish you all the best Bill and hope everything goes to your plans. Apart from the heaviest rain I've ever seen in the UK (rate: 86mm/hr), it's been quite warm with blue sky in between storms! I'll be watching "This Space" !

My progress this weekend with Molly's "Makeover" has been slow. On Saturday we had unexpected visitors and today it was dodging storms. However, I have given the switch-panel/radio box two coats of varnish and put connectors on the ends of all the cables that need connecting to it. I've ordered a 25 Amp fuse which will connect directly on the 12V 34A battery " + " and also ordered some H/D red/black twin cable to connect from the battery to the switch panel.

As a matter of interest, when have you fitted your battery? I still can't decide between the aft cockpit locker or inside the cabin alongside the CB Case and up against the cockpit well? Anyway, still making some progress and hope to be splashing about shortly.

William Serjeant said...


My battery is next to the CB case.

I didn't want the weight in the stern. There's enough there with items such as warps and fenders, besides the outboard.